BC Math Teacher Circle


Being inspired by the EdCamp conference as well as UBC Lesson Study meetings, I sense that there is a need for a collaborative and productive group to come together and learn from each other’s practices to develop common recourses and ideas as we move into the new phase of 21st century learning in our classrooms.


–        Establish a collaborative learning community with these common goals:

  • create, implement and report out the lessons for the changing curriculum
  • learn from each other, establish more and wider professional connections
  • create support network for new and pre-service teachers
  • share issues and successes via discussions



We will meet on Tuesdays once a month @ SFU Burnaby  from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

EDB 7610 from 5:00 – 8:00
January 21st
February 18th
March 11th
April 15th


–        Teachers gather in a circle with lessons presenters giving a  short summary of a lesson designed and taught after the previous session

–        The group gives feedback and suggestions are consolidated into the working lesson document

–        The presenting teachers compile the documents and upload it to the website later

–        New sets of lessons are proposed and group is divided into those interested working subgroups to design, implement and present for the next meeting

–        Sharing time with everyone collected together: discussion of issues that arose after the previous meeting


February 18th meeting notes:
Here is the file of the Math 8 lesson designed last time. Lesson 1 (Square Roots). The lesson went well. Students took a bit of time coming up with the connection with square roots and the numbers they were given. Overall, the goals were accomplished.
We spent the second half designing a Pre-Calc 11 lesson on quadratic inequalities. More to come when we report on the lesson progress next time.

January 21st meeting notes:
Due to Christmas Break, the lesson designed last time is still to be implemented. We have worked on the Math 8 lesson introducing squares and square roots. Stay tuned for the next month meeting to hear about the two lessons we developed.

December 10th meeting notes:
One lesson was delivered from the last meeting: Patterns and Relations (Math 10). Here are the files, courtesy of Ms. Stephanie Langille ‎[[email protected]]: Lesson _1 Handout Lesson _1 Homework.
We worked on the Logic Thinking Chapter opener for Foundations 11. Stay tuned for updates and new schedule for the upcoming calendar year!

November 19th meeting notes:
One lesson was delivered from the last meeting: Unit Conversions for  Math 10. Here are the files, courtesy of  Mr. Fred Harwood: Laugh Comparison Measures Laugh Ratio Comparison Measures

We worked on the Math 9 and 10 lesson on identifying and formulating a pattern to introduce relations and function concept. More on that later when we meet again in December.


October 22nd meeting notes:

Two lessons were delivered after the first meeting, here are the files and descriptions:

(1) Exponents and powers (Laws), Math 9 by Erica Huang (Burnaby Central Secondary)

(2) Angles in Polygons, Foundations 11 by Fred Harwood (Hugh McRoberts Secondary)


We started to design a lesson for Pre-Calc 10 for unit conversions in the Measurement Unit. Stay tuned for the updates!!!


September 24th meeting notes:

– We worked on the problem:

Two vertical poles, 20 and 30 feet high are 25 feet apart. From the top of each pole there is a cable to the bottom of the other. How high from the ground do the cables cross?

Multiple solutions came out: similar triangles, trigonometry, linear equations, scale diagram and measurement. Then we partitioned into working groups and the following topics (lessons were picked)

(1) Math 9 exponent rules
(2) Foundations 11 Interior and Exterior angles in a polygon

The lessons have started to emerge, and we will discuss the outcomes of the teaching of these during the next session. Looking forward to comparing the notes and ideas in a month time!!! Thanks for all those who attended, there were some fruitful discussions!