What We Do


– Students are divided in classes of 10 in the following two streams:        Coyotes: Grades 7/8

Wolves: Grades 9/10


– Each lesson has an identified topic with learning objectives with the following components:

  • Group problems, explorations, presentations, research sharing
  • Summative component (combination of): journal entry, quiz, group or individual assignment

– Group work and Harkness model are key elements of instruction

– Students meet once a week for 1 hour of classroom time with some possible work to be taken home

The curriculum is partitioned into three major components:

  • Problem Solving
  • Mathematical Curiosities
  • Applications of Mathematics

We also offer private tutoring for Math 8-12 including Calculus with the following two options:
– $30 for sessions at our location
– $40 for sessions at client’s location
Please contact us to arrange time and details