We strongly believe that student enrolled in our program will:

  • greatly increase their enjoyment of learning mathematics
  • develop into a self-motivated learner with strong intrapersonal beliefs leading to future success
  • achieve much higher academic results in quantitative subjects such as mathematics, computing science, physics, and economics

Clients Testimonials


– Max’s original and creative math sessions with my son were just what he needed to allow his love of math to flourish. By using a fun, relaxed but challenging and applicable approach, Max quickly created rapport with my son, and his sessions were a highlight of my son’s week that he always looked forward to. I strongly recommend Max to any parent looking to develop creativity and lateral thinking in their child.
Daryl, Parent of a Grade 7 student

– My eight year old daughter in grade 4 has been taking grade 7/8 math with Max for the past year.   Max has been able to explain simple and complicated math concepts to her in a way that she not only understands but continues to excel.  His enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of math are assets that enable him to nurture the power of thinking in students with a willingness to learn.  I would highly recommend Max to students with a love of math and a desire to achieve greatness.

Daljit, Parent of grade 4 student